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Start testing
Anything, anywhere.

  • With TestCafe, you can run tests in any browser that supports HTML5 (including IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera).
  • TestCafe is operating system agnostic so you can run tests on Windows, Mac or Linux machines.
  • Run tests on remote computers and mobile devices.
  • Run tests in multiple browsers and on multiple machines in parallel.
  • Run tests in the background on any machine.
Test Websites on Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Leverage HTML and JavaScript code knowledge

Leverage your expertise
and web experience.

  • Smart script injection allows you to communicate directly with the webpage DOM and intercept user actions.
  • TestCafe eliminates out-of-process browser plugins and puts control back in your hands.
  • Its extremely straightforward API means wrapper-free access to DOM via jQuery or the browser's API.
  • Your tests are JavaScript files with only a dozen new functions for you to learn.
  • TestCafe allows you to test web pages that require Basic and Windows HTTP Authentication.

Record tests visually
In any browser.

  • TestCafe is 100% web-based and loads in the same browser you are testing against. There’s no need to load additional tools or switch between browsers during test recording.
  • The built-in code editor allows you to edit test code directly within TestCafe’s Control Panel without using any external editor.
  • It’s easy to select an element, get associated JavaScript code and indicate the element on screen. You can change the code and immediately see the visual element selector pointing to an updated position.
  • Provides a set of predefined selector expressions which are built as combinations of specifically designed patterns.
Web-Based Test Recorder

60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in TestCafe that we back it with a
60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.*

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Apple, Mac, iPad are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Linux is a registered trademark of the Linux Foundation.
* If within the first 60 days of ownership you are not satisfied with the capabilities of our tools, you can request a full refund
of the amount you paid to DevExpress by writing to clientservices@devexpress.com or by calling +1 (818) 844-3383.