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Version: 15.1.3 | Updated: 17-Jan-2017 | What's New and Version History

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Compare TestCafe to the competition
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TestCafe Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Is it affordable with flexible licensing?
Straightforward and affordable licensing terms.
Never node-locked and always transferrable.
Free until you need
support and addt'l plugins.
Very expensive with a highly
restrictive licensing model.
Plug-in Free?
TestCafe eliminates plugins forever so you can test
apps against any HTML 5 browser - desktop or mobile.
Plugins required with all
associated problems.
Plugins required with all
associated problems.
Visual Test Recorder with Remote Record options?
Built-in visual test recorder that never requires plugins and
integrated remote testing without the need to install anything.
Requires additional plugins
from third parties.
Included, but remote testing
requires additional fees.
Concise and
Easy-to-Learn API?
Compare and see for yourself. TestCafe's API is both concise and
easy-to-use. Spend less time memorizing and more time testing.
A 100% web-based test environment?
TestCafe was built to be a 100% web testing environment.
Everything from recording to execution and analysis is web based.
Compare the user experience yourself
and see which product is truly web-based.
Clean test code structure using industry standard language?
TestCafe uses JavaScript for scripting and its test code
is always easy to read and understand.
Compare test scripts for yourself.
The difference will be clear.
Dedicated Support for 12 months?
Your license automatically entitles you to 12 months of
dedicated support from our award-winning support team.
It's open source, meaning
you are on your own.
Limited services based on
how much you pay.

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